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verhört? | Komponisten im Gespräch | Gunnar Geisse | im Gespräch mit Christoph Reiserer | may i erase one of your drawings | ein Prozess, viele Resultate: Phasen der Arbeit, 2007 - 2011 | Live Musik für laptop guitar



"... And so, I bought a bottle of Jack Daniels, and hoped that he wouldn't be home when I knocked on his door. And he was home. And we sat down with the Jack Daniels, and I told him what my project was; he understood it. And he said, 'OK. I don't like it, but I'm going to go along with it because I understand the idea.' He went through one portfolio, and he said, 'No. It'll have to be something that I'll miss.' ... And then he went through a second portfolio ... and then he said, 'I'm gonna make it so hard for you to erase this.' And he had a third portfolio that had crayon, pencil, charcoal and — and it took me about a month, and I don't know how many erasers to do it ... So when I titled it, it was very difficult to figure out exactly how to phrase this. And Jasper Johns was living upstairs, so I asked him to do the writing. It's not a negation, it's a celebration. It's just the idea!"

Robert Rauschenberg

  "... And so, I bought a bottle of Jack Daniels, and went up and knocked on his door, and praying the whole time that he wouldn't be home and then that would be the work. But he was home. And after a few awkward moments I told him what I had in mind and he said that he understood me, but that he wasn't for it. And I was hoping then he would refused and that would be the work. And he couldn't have made me more uncomfortable. He took the painting that he was working on off the easel — I don't even know if he was doing this consciously — and he went over and put it against the already closed door. But I was noticing things like that! And he said, 'OK. I want it to be something I'll miss ... I wanna give you something really difficult to erase.' ... And he gave me something that had charcoal, oil paint, pencil, crayon, and I spent a month erasing that little drawing ... They think it was a gesture protest against the abstract expressionism. Because it is a very complicated story and I don't think most people would think this way. And so it is hard for them to think of that or just a pure act of destruction. Vandalism is the other alternative." "And for you?" "It's poetry."

Robert Rauschenberg
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